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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Awesome News "OFTM" Fans...Earlier Release Date for the Movie

We get to see "One for the Money" a month earlier! It's official, the new release date is going to be June 3, 2011! Squee!!!

The postproduction of the movie must be coming along very nicely. I know that they had a screening for it already, but I'm sure they still have a little tweaking to do on the finished product!! This just seems like very good news. I wonder if the prescreening had such a good response that they decided to move it up instead of back. I know there were a few other big contenders being released around the July 8th date, so they were toying with the idea to move the date back, but this is awesome to learn that they are confident enough in their product to move it a month forward! I think this is a very good sign!! I am sooooooo happy right now!!

Thanks for all the tips on this exciting, fantastic news!!! I am sooooooo doing the KH happy dance!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Lionsgate/Lakeshore! I guess I won't picket the front of your buildings demanding a trailer....just yet! :)


  1. I'm excited for the earlier release too. The sooner I get to see this movie the better! But...I'm a little worried about it going up against the X Men Prequel. They have a huge fan base & I'm afraid it won't do as well as it would have being released on July 8th. It was goin to be the only movie released that weekend & because of that I thought it would do well at the box office. Where as, now, its up against X Men. If ticket sales are low, they won't make a sequel. I admit, I'm nervous.


  2. Any diea when the UK release date will be please????????

  3. July 8th I think was a worse day - 3 other similar demographic movies released and sandwiched between the release of Transformers and Harry Potter. June 3rd is a better option I think.

  4. Hey Redz,
    I have to agree with anonymous here. I think June 3 will be better because there were 3 comedies being released July 8 according to this Collider.com article below:

    "Lionsgate has moved the Katherine Heigl-led comedy One for the Money from July 8 to June 3. On the original July release date, One for the Money would have been one of three comedies opposite The Zookeeper and Horrible Bosses. Variety suggests the switch is counterprogramming tactic; action tentpole X-Men: First Class is the only other film scheduled for June 3.

    Heigl plays “a down-and-out woman who takes a last-ditch job working for her cousin’s bail bond business, and her biggest client turns out to be her high-school heartbreaker.” Jason O’Mara, John Leguizamo, and Debbie Reynolds also star, directed by Julie Anne Robinson (The Last Song) from a script by Liz Brixius (Nurse Jackie). One for the Money is based on the novel of the same name by Janet Evanovich."

    Also, like anonymous said, Transformers and Harry Potter which both have huge fan bases, are being released around that same time.

    I think Lionsgate made a smart move here moving up the date and not having to compete with quite so many big name movies opening weekend. I think X-Men will have a good turnout for sure, but I think that anyone that is going to want to see a comedy/thriller will be going to 'OFTM' since it is the only other movie in that genre being released that weekend.

    Don't worry, Redz. I think as long as the trailer is rockin for "OFTM," I think we are going to have a great turnout IMO.....and the sequel damn well better be made. ;) Now.....how about a freaking trailer here!!! They moved up the date....we need to see some teasers for this thing pronto!!!!!!!

  5. Hey Craftilicious,

    No word yet. I'll let you know as soon as I do! Cross your fingers that it is moved up as well. If you are anything like me...patience is nil.

  6. Can't wait for ONE FOR THE MONEY to come out. I'm happy that it is coming out in June. Will there be sequals?

  7. We're hoping for some sequels. I think it'll all have to do how OFTM fairs in the box office. Keep your fingers and toes crossed.

  8. Thanks guys, i feel better now that I've read your posts. I'm sure I was worrying for nothing. Their reasons for the release date movement make sense now. Now all i have to do is get my boss to switch a vacation day I put in for (last year) from July 8th to June 3rd & I'll be set. I know, I'm such a dork for putting in a vacation day!!

  9. Not a dork....just a fellow Plumsessed fan!!

  10. Thanks - yes nil patience - its always worse when I know they are out in the US first (wish I could run to a plane ticket for 3rd June!) We're planning a book group outing to it though so hope its sooner rather than later.

  11. That sounds so fun to get a book group together to see the movie, Craftilicious! I'm crossing my fingers for you. The release date was the same in the UK as the US before they moved the US up, so I'm hoping they move your date up as well! Makes sense anyway. Here's hopin!

  12. I'm glad OFTM will not have to compete with Harry Potter--I'm sure that will blow everything out of the water.
    And it will now be an early birthday present for me!!

    And yes---it's absolutly reasonable to take a vacation day Redzsm!!