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Monday, March 14, 2011

What are Your Favorite Books of the Stephanie Plum Series?

We are still waiting for an official release date for "One for the Money," and to that I say..."Wow....really?" :P

On that note, a lovely SO reader came up with something we can discuss in the meantime which I think is great fun.

Thanks, Iheartjason, for the topic idea!

What's your favorite Plum Book?

Iheartjason had to say: "I love Two for the Dough,Seven Up and Eleven on Top--
What can beat Grandma Mazur at Steva's, Mooner and Dougie and Steph working at Kan Klean Kleaners and Cluck in a Bucket-And I love Bob---"

I have to agree with Iheartjason. I love "Two for the dough", "Eleven on Top", and also the book where Lula goes on a diet and gets chased by the pack of dogs running down the street after her pound of bacon. haha Does anyone know which book that is? I can't keep track. "To the nines" maybe?

Anyhoo...I am going to take this up a notch and also ask the question, Who are your favorite characters?

Mine are:

Stephanie, of course. She's fearless, lucky, and has a badass attitude....a woman after my own heart!
Joe and Ranger. I put them on the same line because for reasons known to all of you I love these 2 the same and I wouldn't mind either one of them in my bed...sans the husband of course. tee-hee...love you honey...promise! Morelli is warm, laid back, protective, and ever so talented in the bedroom department, and Ranger is mysterious, dangerous, and catch your breath insanely good in the please you till your warm, gooey jelly department. And he's always there to save Steph's life...no matter at what cost.
Lula - because she's the big, beautiful, bodacious Lula, and she is not afraid to express what she is feeling at any given time. She is always coming down with a case of the runs! Oh...and she is constantly tasing Joyce Barnhardt. LOL She makes me laugh!
And last but certainly not least, Grandma Mazur...just cuz she is a total horn dog and has an uncanny knack for being able to see the deceased. Oh and she looks hot in her spiked dog collar and leather pants. LOL :)

So, ladies and gents...What are your favorite books, and who are your favorite characters, and why?


  1. I like finger licken 15 - love the whole BBQ thing and Grandma Mazur and Lula are ace in this book. I also really like Plum Lucky - the horse, the RV, the humour was great in that one.

    Other than Steph and Ranger (sorry, but I'm really not a Joe fan...) My favourite characters are Grandma Mazur and Mooner - we should have more of mooner - he was fab mounting the rescue in the last book with all his role play mates - I thought that was one of the best endings to any of the books. I love anything with Grandma Mazur and Stephanies Dad too - they are a perfect combo to play off against each other.

    We've just had a 2 week series of TV programme in the UK about books leading up to world book night, a couple of celebs were on each night talking about the 5 books that have been most significant in their lives. Peter Snow (who is a political commentator here and serious journalist in his late 50s) picked One for The Money as his all time favourite book which I thought was just BRILLIANTLY funny!

  2. I love all of the Bettween The Series books, especially "Plum Spooky" and "Plum Lucky." And of course "One For The Money" where Steph gets handcuffed to the curtain rod. Wish it were me. ;)

  3. My weigh in leans heavy to the Ranger side (of course, I've made it no secret that he's my favorite) Aside from Stephanie being my number one, Ranger's my number two favorite. I think that my favorite books are One for the Money (you HAVE to give love to the book that started it all), Ten Big Ones (when she tracks down Ranger's Apt and stays there without him knowing), Hot Six (when Ranger's the FTA), Hard Eight (because Ranger and her finally get it on, although 3 sentences about the trist could have been fleshed out more, there was like a half a chapter *sarcasm* about her and Morelli's first time) and Twelve Sharp (with the wannabe Ranger and both Morelli and Ranger move in with Stephanie)

    Needless to say, I'm hugely Pro-Ranger so most of my favorites are Ranger-centric.


  4. WOW--all of these are cracking me up--
    SO--I think the book with Lula and the bacon (which by the way made me LMAO!) is the one where she is looking for Samuel Singh. And that brings me to his landlord (can't remember her name right now)who kept calling Stephanie a slut!
    Of course I love Steph and Morelli (sigh)(even before my Jason was going to play him!) but I sure wouldn't kick Ranger out!
    Many that were named above and also Sally Sweet--the way he just shows up in drag and nobody says a thing, Remember the mud fight in the bar?
    I love Mooner and Dougie having the Star Trek party at their house.
    I love Stephanie's Mother--the way she is always making the Sign of the Cross and hitting the bottle!
    How about Mary Alice galloping around the house?
    And Valerie when she was pregnant.
    And yes---Steph staying in Ranger's apartment and the enjoyment she got from his shower gel!! LOL

    Thanks SO for making this a thread!

  5. You're most welcome, Iheartjason. Great idea!! I do remember the landlord. She was halarious.

    Heidi, you hit on a book that I had forgotten about, and I loved that book. Ten big ones....one of my favorites. I loved when she went searching for his underwear drawer and couldn't find any. hahahaha! Oh and I laughed so hard when Hal was trying to keep her in Ranger's building, and she ended up tasing him with his own taser. Then he went to the hospital and fainted dead away. LOL

    I also love the book with the garbage truck landing on Stephanie's beautiful borrowed Porsche that Ranger had so lovingly given her to drive. hahaha.

    I LOVE these freaking books. I think it is time to start to read them from start to finish again!

  6. There is nothing for me to say, since all of you said everything I was thinking of. This was a great thread. Fun, fun, fun. Thanks, everyone. Hugs, Patt

  7. Oh I know a favorite book in the series. I can't remember which one it is, but Valerie decides that she wants to be a bounty hunter and she and Steph are taking hostage by the asses that hurt both of them. Do you remember. I need to read that one again. Remind me of which one it is, k? Anyhow, I loved the way that Morelli, knowing he couldn't kill that dude for hurting his STeph just stood aside so that Ranger could take care of it. Both men knew that man could not live after that. Yup. Was this the one that had the guy dressed up in the bunny suit? Is that how it started? Did anyone else like this one?

    Hugs, Patt

  8. Great Question!! My favorite character is definitely Grandma Mazur!! The scene where Ranger came to dinner cracked me up. I laughed so hard, I had tears running down my cheeks. When she asked Ranger if he was a Negro & then said something like "too bad...the girls at the beauty shop would have been so impressed that I had dinner with a Negro." LMAO! Too funny. I love her. Her scenes are always great for a belly laugh! The banter between Grandma & Mr. Plum is hysterical too. Also, 3 words...GRANDMA IN LEATHER...priceless!! Next favs are Lula & Sally Sweet. They are a trip too. I really could go on for hours though, I'm so in love with all of the characters :)

    Fav books - Its so hard to choose! But I'm partial to Ten Big Ones cause it was the first book of Janets I read. Overall, I'm with Heidi, my fav books are all "Ranger-centric". Have read & re-read Hard Eight many times, I was kinda stuck on a certain page. *waggles eyebrows* And I agree with Heidi, for the one & only time Ranger & Steph did the deed, Janet could have at least made it last a few more pages :( O Well.

    I agree with what the rest of the stuff ya'll said too. Mooner & the Star Trek Party, Lula gettin chased by Pack of Dogs, Steph dropping Hal w/ his Stun Gun, & Val having the baby with Albert...all LOL moments!! Perfect examples of why I love Janet so much :D

    I could really go on & on. Its a fun topic!

  9. Hey Redzsm, what about in Twelve when Ranger and Stephanie are fooling around in her bed and Joe comes over? I giggled like a 8 year old during that part!! Someone needs to find me a "Ranger" that's into fat chicks, LOL. Damn I need to go back and read 12 again.


  10. Gretting from Texas,
    I can't believe no one has mentioned Randy Briggs. Can't recall the name of the book he's introduced in, but when he moves into Stephanie's apartment was a scream. Half the time I want to stuff him in a duffle bag and kick him from time to time, but he redeemed himself. When Benito Rodriguez showed up and scared Stephanie so bad Randy did what he could to take care of her. The act of kindness cast him in a whole new light. I still want to drownd him on occasion, but Randy is alright.
    My other favorite character, not mentioned by anyone else, is the 1953 Buick Skylark. One of these was my first car. I had mixed emotions about it at the time, but sure wish I had it now.

  11. Hey Arthur - Just wanna say that your wife is very lucky! I wish my man read the Plum books.

    It was "Hive Five" that Randy was introduced in as an FTA. I remember I laughed out loud every time he evaded her capture. He was a wily little guy!

  12. Hey PattRose--

    I think the book you are wondering about is Hard Eight--with Eddie Abruzzi--?

    They tend to blend together by the time you make it to 16!

    I had forgotten about Randy Briggs!
    And what about the FTA who made the exploding squirrels! lol

    SOOO many good characters--
    I have been re-reading them all--just made it to 15!

  13. Greeting from Texas,
    Thank you Redzsm. Both Helene and I love all of Evanovich's books, even the romances. They are so damned funny!

    With the Plums we have started getting the audio books for the sake of the marriage. We can hear them together, so we avoid the fisty cuffs over who gets the book first. It also spares us the endless "Have you gotten to the part - DONTTELLMEDONTTELLMEDONTTELLME!"

    We will be counting the days until the movie, when they finally give us a release date.

  14. I got my mom hooked on the books and she's always asking me about the movie and when its coming out, she wants to go see it with me. I'm working on getting my aunt and sister to read them next.


  15. Arthur you are too funny!
    I have read and listened to the books. I really like CJ Critt the best. It's funny-when they switched readers to Lorelei King--I had to stop listening. It was just too different.
    And like Heidi--I have gotten my Mom hooked on the books too and will take her to see the movie on one of the many times I am planning to see it!!

  16. Honestly, im all for Ranger. Im not a big Joe fan really.. sowwy ;)
    my favourite book just has to be Lean Mean Thirteen - where they beaver bomb joyce... i just couldn't stop laughing - i kept imaging her face when it exploded!!! lol XD

  17. Love your username, "Babe!!" I forgot all about that one. yes, that was way funny. I also like the one where Stephanie takes Bob over to Joyce's house and lets him take a big dump on her lawn. hahahaha!! Good one!! I can't wait to see who they cast as Joyce. I already have my favorite candidate picked out, Gina Gershon....She'd be perfect!!! :)