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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy, Happy Birthday Joe Morelli!!

Yes ladies, that beautiful Italian slab of man beef is turning 30 something today! Happy, happy birthday Joe! I'll grab a nice, greasy pizza from Pino's, an ice cold 6-pack of beer, and since you are imaginary and that constitutes a free pass with my husband, I'll make this your best birthday EVER!! (Did I just say that out loud?) Tee-hee! Sorry guys.

Below is the cake that Janet Evanovich had made for the birthday boy...lemon meringue MMMMMM!!!

And here's a little note from Janet:  "The weather has been a bit rough this winter, so Stephanie thought she would bring him a little summer at the Jersey Shore. She had the Tasty Pastry bake him this delicious lemon meringue pie cake, complete with tropical drink umbrellas. Of course it wouldn't be a party without party ware, so Stephanie also included his and her beers in their party shirt cozies/coozies."

I wouldn't mind eating a little off his washboard abs...oops... there I go again!!! LOL
Anyhoo! Happy Birthday Joe Morelli!!


  1. Oh Joe!!

    We so have a present for you here!!! heh heh

    Hey SO!!
    Did you hear the news??
    I saw this on Katherine Heigl's twitter page--

    NEW DATE IS JUNE 3RD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the present Joe!!!

  2. Holy shit! Are you freakin' serious? I'm actually jumping up & down in my chair at work. They think I'm nuts. I'm very happy :D Woooo Hoooo!!! Thank you IheartJason. I so love u right now!

  3. Oh & Happy Birthday Joe!! I got a present for ya right here!

    S.O. - I'm pretty sure I will get a pass from my boyffiend too because he's imaginary.