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Friday, February 18, 2011

Soooooo Bummed!!

That's what I get for not checking my emails every day!!! I entered a contest to win a "Life as we Know it" DVD, and I actually won!!!! That never happens to me!!! I was so excited!

Unfortunately, I was having computer troubles, and I didn't check my messages. I needed to turn in my info like 2 days ago, so they had to give it to someone else. (Sniffle, sniffle) What a bummer! :( My own fault though...they waited as long as they could.

Bitter sweet victory.....I guess I'll just have to go to the store and purchase the DVD myself. Totally worth the money!!! :)

If you haven't seen this movie....WATCH IT!! It's incredibly good!!



  1. Oh that does bite SO---
    I actually just watched the movie today.
    It was predictable but good--
    I am always a sucker for a good romantic comedy.
    I kept trying to picture Katherine as Stephanie during the whole movie----


  2. Greetings from Texas,
    That hurts! I have computer woe's from time to time my self. I hate missing timely e-mails

  3. Iheartjason,
    I do the same thing when I am watching "Life as we Know it." I think she is a great actress and can morph into any part they give her. I agree about the predictable comment, but I think that most romantic comedies pretty much end up the same way don't they?....Boy and girl meet, boy and girl hate eachother, boy and girl end up falling in love. I'm a sucker for a good rom-com myself!
    Arthur, I know, computer hiccups are the worst, aren't they?!