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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm in the Mood for a Good Debate

Joe 'Man Candy' Morelli VS 'Rock My World' Ranger????

Who's the better man?


This is not an original debate by any means, but I am curious how many of you out there that visit my site are of the Italian Stallion Joe Morelli team or how many of you are of the mysterious, Cuban heart throb Ranger team.

I'd like to know which man you think would be better for Steph -  or you since we all know we picture ourselves in the heroine's role - and why you think they are better for her (you).  :)

I posted my opinion in response to a comment left on a previous post, which is why I am starting up this little friendly debate in the first place, but I will post it here for you guys to see:

(This is a discussion on whether Steph should settle down and be out of harms way and marry Joe or not, but it also works for this debate.)
"I agree Ranger is not the marrying, settling down type, but I'm also not sure that is what Stephanie wants to do since she has had the chance many times to quit her job and settle down with the make my mouth water, Joe Morelli, who is no one to shake a stick at by any means. I don't know if I'd want Steph to settle down and be out of harms way. Those apprehensions and the crazy predicaments that she gets herself into seems to make the book and is what makes it so interesting and LOL halarious to me. To me, Stephanie is one of those people that has a perverse attraction to a little danger and also an infallable stubborn side that no one is going to tell her what to do or how to live. I think that Ranger fulfills that side of her - a delicious dose of a little danger and on the other hand letting her be who she wants to be - Inevitably coming to her rescue every time she sows her wild oats. On the other hand, the hot, extremely talented Joe, provides that safe haven, a playful side, that other side of Steph that wants to eat pizza, drink beer, and veg on the couch watching a football game...only to be whisked away to the bedroom for some one on one action. *sigh*

Yep...I'm still of the undecided....Can't pick between these two irresistable characters.  I for one would like to see Ranger and Joe duke it out over Steph just once...nothing serious....just to turn up the heat a little...That would be a very, veeeeery interesting read! :) "
Yes....I know I totally cheated because I am still of the undecided, but I think that I made pretty good arguments on either side of the fence here, and I know there are readers out there who have very concrete opinions on the subject one way or the other and will bring very good points to that effect. I can't decide which shoe I should put on first let alone which man I would rather have....Yes, that's the annoying Libra trait in me.

I can't wait to read your answers, so let your fingers do the talking!

AHEM... Let the debate begin!! DING, DING!! (That would be my imaginary debate/boxing bell LOL)
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  1. totally ranger all the way , i mean he understands steph he jokes around about her grandma but is there for her when she needs him.

    Joe only nagging and whining about her job , about getting married her cooking and taking care for the kids. But there is one thing you must have learned from the books and her personality. Is that steph dont wants that she hates getting married because of dick, she cant cook and is afraid of getting married with morreli.

    She is good in her job in her own way, she love the merry men and ranger. they are her true friends and really care for her. They dont bet on her life or her cars. Morelli friends cops are only betting on her when her next car is going to blow up.

    Dont forget joe is a morelli man , he learned that women are there to f*ck with , give birth, cook and take care of the kids.

    Also he played choo-choo with when she was little thats not normal and also he took her virgin card in a shop and then he just left.

    Morelli is a ass. And ranger is the one who truly loves steph in every way, for her personality, for her job, even for her hamster , her bad luck for cars and her family.

    Ranger doesnt yell at steph when her cars blows up he comforts her. They may not see it but they belong together. As steph said she isnt burg material and so is ranger.

    He is her batman, ands she is his wonder woman.

  2. I'm a Morelli chic. I think Ranger is sexy and fun, but when it comes to settling down, it'll be Morelli. :) JMO of course. I can't wait to see what Jason O'Mara does with Joe Morelli. Gosh, I'm excited about the movie. When are the stupid trailers coming out anyhow. There are trailers for movies coming out in Sept. It's not fair, is it? We shouldn't have to wait that long. LOL

  3. Now see, I didn't call Ranger any names. I was nice about it. Morelli isn't an ass. He's an Italian, they act weird sometimes. I know this because I'm half. LOL He's overprotective of Steph, because he's a cop and knows what can happen. Ranger is over protective too, but yet I'm not calling him an ass.

  4. Although I love Joe, Steph has never really lived up to his expectations. She's has such independent spirit & doesn't seem to really wanna do the "old ball & chain" thing that Joe desires of her (anytime soon,anyway). I don't know, he's always pushing her to do things shes not ready for. And as a woman of similar age as Steph, who has no desire yet to marry or have kids, i can relate.

    So from the beginning, I've been a Ranger girl. He's way more understanding of her choices & not as controlling as Joe. Plus I love how much they've come to mean to each other. Their relationship makes me smile. The playful way they banter & obvious affection they have for one another, to me, is the kind of love Stephanie needs. Also, Ranger has always been her friend & protector first, the love came later. Thats the way it should be. He makes her feel safe & loved. He's thoughtful, sweet & drop dead sexy!! Ranger has said that he loves her & I kinda think anyone who could make a Rambo-type like Ranger declare love, should snap him up!!! I think they should live happily ever after in the Bat Cave with a limitless supply of hot cars, an awesome Housekeeper, a badass bed with nice sheets & lots of buff Merry Men. Yum!! Sounds like the life to me :)

    Thought: My inner hussy wants her to keep them both for a while though, maybe once at the same time?!?! Bow chica bow wow! I even thought of a title for the book, instead of a between the Plum novel, it could be "A Plum in between novel". Wow, I'm really such a little hussy!!!

  5. She THINKS she wants Morelli, but she knows there's a catch behind all the bloody cards Ranger keeps giving her, and she wouldn't accept them so readily if she wasn't prepared to follow through on his threats. I think deep down she is more attracted to Ranger than she lets on, and I think deep down he wants more from her than he's currently demanding. Whilst he's never going to be the 2.4 kids and a house in the suburbs type, I think he could be a lot more than a serious fling for Steph and vice versa. But then I am 110% a Ranger girl and have never quite seen the appeal of the controlling influence of Morelli. If they didn't have the childhood history together I don't think she'd keep getting drawn back in all the time.

    The idea of the two of them duking it out over her, just once, does appeal, but it would be a one time deal and then we'd loose the will-they won't-they that keeps us coming back for more book after book. Besides, it would hardly be a fair fight - Morelli wouldn't cross the line that could jeopodise his career whereas Ranger crossed the line a long, long time ago and isn't looking back!

  6. These are all good points, guys! Redz, you make me laugh. I have that inner hussie in me as well. I wouldn't mind seeing "A Plum in Between" either. LOL LOL
    I don't know why they are dragging their feet on the trailer either, Patt. It's driving me crazy! I want to see these characters come to life sooo badly! Lionsgate is might end up getting a anonymous, nasty, threatening phone calls pretty soon....kidding!!!!! LOL But seriously....They need to quit dragging their feet on this trailer...It's killing me!
    Craftilicious, you have a good point. If they did get into a serious fight, then it would take that suspense there that we all crave. At the same time, if they pushed eachother around and made some idle threats...it might not be a bad idea to spice up the love triangle a teensy, tiny bit - as well as rev my engine up just a bit. ;P Also, I agree that Morelli wouldn't want to jeopardize his job and Ranger skirts around the edges of morality and thinks nothing of it...but I don't know if I would count Joe out...He's italian for one and hot-blooded is in his nature...and for two...he's just dead sexy. :) Ranger...he's lethal, and amazingly gorgeous and has a short fuse as well....but there I go again....Can't decide, can't decide. :) I think I just might have to stick with having both like Redz had mentioned. I don't think I'll ever be able to give either one of them up. *sticks head in the freezer* *sigh* I'll admit I'm a closet hussie! It's out there...What can I say? hahaha
    Keep your opinions coming, girlz! I absolutely love these, but PLEASE, PLEASE lets keep this a friendly, fun debate! ;)

  7. I just had one thing to add here. There's no doubt in my mind that both of these men love her dearly.

    Ranger almost gave his life for her. He loves her for who she is and accepts her for who she is....job, quirks, and all. Although I think he doesn't like her getting into danger either...that's why he is always bugging her purses, cars, etc.

    Joe also no doubt loves her dearly. Yes he is a little controlling, but it is only because she puts herself in danger so much, and it stresses him out because he loves her and wants her around.

    I think both men can keep her safe and they both bring something desirable to the table. :)

    Just my 2 cents. ;)

  8. I really want to see her end up with Ranger, while he's said in the past that he isn't the marrying type, he hasn't said that he isn't the "stay with you forever" type. He's been married before and it didn't take so he's sworn off marriage but he's been loyal for Stephanie for awhile now, he could really have just about any woman but he's sticking with her. That's a lot of nonverbal commitment. which to me is better than vocal commitment.

    Morelli IS the marrying type but that doesn't mean that he's right for her. She's an independent free spirit and he's ready to settle down and find his wife to bear him kids and stay at home raising them. He complains about her lack of cooking abilities, poor job choice and her always getting into some kind of trouble. Basically he's saying that she's not fit to be his wife. No woman over the age of 30 is going to much changing for a man. He needs to get over that or find a different woman.

    Ranger doesn't try to change her, he just tries to keep her safe while she's being herself. She needs that in her life. Someone to let her live her life and make her mistakes to learn from and grow with her, not try to change her.

    I am for Ranger all the way. I just hope that they do more movies so we can see more of the personal side of Ranger that we've all gotten to know in the books. I'm ok with them merging a few books for that purpose as well. I'd love to see Mooner, Doug and Sally depicted on screen.


  9. Heidi took the words out of my mouth. I agree 100%!

  10. Very good points, Heidi and Michelle. Thanks for responding!

  11. I am in the Morelli camp--

    Yes- I do believe that both men love her. And Steph loves them both.
    But I do think that someday Stephanie will be ready to settle down and Joe will be there to do it with her.
    Ranger is mysterious and sexy and has great body wash--but he is not the guy to spend the rest of her life with.
    And yes! Where the hell are the trailers for this movie?????
    I feel like I have to spend money on movies just in case they show a promo!


  12. If Stephanie hasn't settled down by now, in her 30's, I don't think she ever will. She's running out of baby making days and can't even take care of herself, much less a child. By the time she "settles down" she'll be barren. LOL

    I don't see Joe waiting around that long (but this is fiction and only J.E. knows what the future holds). Just because Ranger is sexy and dangerous doesn't mean that he wont make a great life partner for Stephanie (notice I didn't say husband).

    I also think after all the times that Joe and Stephanie have lived together, talked about marriage and been engaged, that if they were meant to get married, that they would have by now. I mean, Einstein's definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results... their relationship is just insanity to me. Just because they love each other, it doesn't mean they are meant to be.

    I guess the same goes for Ranger as well though.

    If she doesn't end up with Ranger I would love to see her turn out like Grandma Mazur, a horny old spitfire old lady with a great sense of humor.


  13. Good points Heidi--

    I guess I am just a romantic and want to see everyone married with children! LOL

    And I do have to say today---


  14. Hey Iheartjason, good to hear from you. I think we need to have a little friendly chat with Lionsgate about this trailer thing. How do they expect people to get excited about this movie or to even know what it is about - if they haven't read the books - if they don't promote the hell out of a movie trailer? I have been doing some digging around, and I actually haven't seen trailers for any of the movies they have coming out. Lincoln Lawyer is supposed to be coming out pretty soon, and I haven't seen anything on that except what I dug for online. In fact, I remember never seeing a trailer for "The Ugly Truth" until right before it came out. I actually found that trailer online by accident. Since it had the drop dead gorgeous Gerard Butler in it, I decided to check it out. I REALLY hope this is not a pattern! It would really be a shame for them not to promote this more!!! Oh yes...and Happy Valentines day to my 2 favorite fictional characters, Joe and Ranger!

  15. Perhaps Janet should put us in Stephanie's next adventure!!

  16. HOnestly i'm more of a ranger girl. I know and understand all the argument about morelli but i just think that individually those two are too hot headed and oppinionated for it to work in the long term together no matter how much they love each other. ( the fact that they cant go through one conversation without an argument is my case and point. :p )also i just dont think joe is ever going to be able to accept staphanies job.
    I know Ranger is a bit secretive but he truly does love stephanie and i really think he could let staphanie in to his life, he told her about julie and his ex wife and things and in the twelth book he actuall admitted that only tank and his family knwo about her. I think if he just lets her in a bit more and keeps his gaurd down, even if its just when they are alone, then they could be really good together.
    I'm a Ranger fan all the way!!!! :D

  17. Very good points, Olivia. Thanks for your response!

  18. I'm a hardcore fan of the Plum series. I read all 17 books in about 3 days. OOPPS. And in the first couple books I liked Morelli but I started to notice a pattern. Morelli holds his thoughts and problems in and then blows up over something small, they fight and then break up. Rinse and repeat. Morelli wants to change her but Stephanie doesn't want to. She tried that already. She quit her job but that didn't work out. Sooner or later, they're going to resent eachother. Even i'm starting to resent him. I have experience on this.

    Now Ranger on the otherhand understands Stephanie and knows he can't change her. He just sighs and lets her go do her thing. And then comes to the rescue when she can't get herself out of trouble. He says he's not the marrying type but that might change after they've been together for a year or two. I think that's it. I might post later if something else pops into my mind.

  19. About the food thing, Ranger may eat healthy but he doesn't force it onto Stephanie. Anyways I think he probably cheats every once in a while.

  20. I totally and completely agree with olivia.

  21. hi I have read the entire Stephanie Plum series and in the beginning of the series it's obvious that Janet E. wanted Stephanie to be with Joe. but as the story & books continued Ranger changed and became more involved with helping stephanie and showing his emotions. he also be came super popular with the series fans... i too thought Joe should be with stephanie at first, but after book 11 & 12 i really feel that ranger is a better fit by allowing steph to grow and be her own person. also stephanie is a libra and ranger is a leo (air + fire) which is the best combination vs Joe who is a pisces (water + air) not the best fit that's why they keep breaking up. also ranger is the only 2 months older than steph and Joe is 2 years older but a reader thinks ranger is the older and more adult one than Joe. i don't Janet really thought the fans would love ranger more than Joe. but TEAM RANGER all the way!