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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

At Last....a positive article on "One for the Money

One for the Money Movie Cast


  1. They really need more press for this movie before it comes out in July. The release date isn't really that far away & I haven't heard a thing about it anywhere (except here of course). I'm so afraid it won't do well at the box office & then they won't make any more movies :( So, come on Lionsgate...bring on the damn trailers already!!

  2. I KNOW!!!!
    We need lots of positive press---
    like SO said--this is the first positive article I have seen about this movie.
    Cannot wait until the stars start making the talk show rounds.


  3. Me neither, Iheartjason! I will be glued to the TV when they start making the press rounds!

    I hear ya on the trailers. We need to get a hold of Lionsgate about that! Grrr!

    Determined woman on a mission! :)