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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Few More Interesting Characters Revealed for "One for the Money."

Hey guys, these have probably been on IMDB for ages now, but I am just noticing them today. LOL! 

I have been itching to see if they use Lenny Gruber in the movie, and it looks like they are!! Lenny is the slimy, sleazeball repo man who takes Steph's Miata from her. I am so damn happy this guy made it into the script!! Well, here he is!! Yay!!

Danny Mastrogiorgio as Lenny Gruber
So excited they are going to be using Lenny in the movie! I can't wait to see the disgusted look on KH's/Steph's  face when he starts hitting on her.  hahaha....  I actually picture this guy more as Eddie Gazarra though. Just thought I would throw that in. I think with him all slimed up using the googly eyes staring at KH's knockers, he'll be sellible as the part though.

Now...another character I am  completely ecstatic they are using is Lonnie Dodd. This means that Ranger getting shot will most likely make the movie as well!!  Yippie!!  Lonnie is Steph's second FTA that steals her gun, pushes her off the porch, and locks her out.  Ranger comes to her rescue and gets shot by Lonnie in the process. Here he is:

Michael Laurence as Lonnie Dodd

So what do you think guys? Good fit? I am soooooo excited!! Sorry I didn't catch these sooner. IMDB is right most of the time, but as I've said before, these aren't 100% written in stone.

But hell.....I'll take it!!  This news just made my week!


  1. The two men that they chose are a good fit, I think. I can't wait to see the trailer for this movie. It's taking forever. Isn't it? I wish there was somewhere we could write and complain to. LOL I'm so excited for July, I just can't tell ya. Oh, I guess I just did. LOL

  2. I haven't been on IMDB in forever so I had no idea they had cast Lenny or Lonnie. Thanks S.O.

    Happy Thursday all :)

  3. I had not been back on IMDB forever either! Good surprise for me. Usually I'm just frustrated when I get on that site. :)

    I wonder if we could write in to Lionsgate about the trailer. I'm sure you can. I'll have to do some digging on that one. Maybe if we have enough whining fans, they'll release something. Tee-hee!!