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Friday, February 18, 2011

Good News "OFTM" Fans!!

A little birdie told me that we might be seeing a trailer very, very soon for "One for the Money."  They didn't know any specifics as of yet, but it should be shortly.

Keep your appendages crossed, people!!! (Trailer....trailer....trailer!!!)

You will know just as soon as I get word! And if any of you get wind of this before me....please oh please drop me an email to let me know ASAP!  Feed me!! We are all itching to catch a glimpse of our beloved book coming to life!! 


  1. Oh my gosh. I can't wait to see it. Hopefully it won't be too much longer. :) I'm going to try and check every day, twice. LOL No, I'm not anxious. Thanks for the heads up. Hugs, Patt

  2. Can't wait either!
    I hope that the trailer looks so good that it shuts up all the people who are (STILL) complaining about the cast.
    I can barely stand to go over to the imdb site anymore.
    Really--someone said the other day that Bruce Willis should be Ranger!!!
    I like Bruce but he is like 50 isn't he?


  3. He's like 53 and bald. I love him too, but not as Ranger. LOL They're actually very annoying over there. It's been nice to have this little spot to say what we want to say without being jumped on. :) Hugs, Patt

  4. I forgot to say, they probably think we're annoying. LOL There is always that chance. Annoying? Us? No, surely you jest. LOL I hope the trailer is a good one. I'm so excited.
    Hugs, Patt

  5. Oh I'm SO excited! Can't wait to see the first movie trailer. I'm always googling this... and if by any chance I find before you, be sure I'll let you know! ^^

  6. S.O.-
    I'm so excited!!! Thank you for the heads up. Squee!!! You made my day.

    Bruce Willis...really?!?! Wow, I'm still laughing. *shakes head*

    I'm sure they think we're annoying, but thats why I come here to fuel my Plum Obsession. I love you guys :)

    Equipe Plum Blog-
    How did I not know there was another Plum website?!?! I'm a SUPERFAN! So, I checked it out & saw that it was all in Spanish. Time to cue my sad face :(

  7. Hell no we aren't annoying!! :) We're just super cute, adorable, die hard Plum fans dealing with our obsession the only way we know how! Right? Right??? Anybody?? *hears crickets*

    I know, Redz. I went over to Equipe Plum Blog myself to check it out, and I couldn't understand a word of it because it's in Portuguese. :(

    Love where your heart is at though, Equipe Plum Blog! Wish I could read your site.

    Bruce Willis? Really? *snickers* I love Bruce Willis, especially in his new movie, "Red," but he is definitely not Ranger.

    Still waiting for that trailer!