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Monday, May 23, 2011

My Take on "Pirates 4"

Well, as you know, "Pirates of the Carribean 4" came out this weekend, and I went to go see it Saturday. As I've said before, I love this franchise and was excited to see what they did with the new movie. I have to be honest, this one was not my favorite out of the franchise. There was something I felt was lacking in the movie. The special effects were excellent. The fight scenes were expertly and brilliantly choreographed. The scenery was amazing, but it just didn't live up to the same caliber of a "Pirates" movie in my eyes. I was entertained, don't get me wrong, but I didn't come away from this movie loving it like I have loved the past 3. 

With having to write a strong script without half of the original cast, I think they did a pretty damn good job, but I was just a teensy, weensy disappointed. The movie did exceptionally well this weekend hitting over 90 million in box office sales, and I still hope to see the ever sexy Johnny Depp come back as Captain Jack Sparrow in yet another sequel. Anyone know if there are plans, rumors to keep going with the series?

So, if you want to go see an entertaining movie this upcoming weekend, I still give this an A-!  It's worth the price of your movie ticket! And if any of you do end up seeing it, please, please let me know what you thought!  I'd like to hear everyone's take on the movie.

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  1. yeah saw the film last night and although i thought it was good it was still missing something. I think it was the other story lines, like before with will and Elizabeth they had the whole love story, past friendship thing. where as this time they just focused and put all their hopes on the fountain story.
    All in all though i thought it was good. I hope they do better with the net one though. I reckon they will do another one too though. :p

  2. Pirates is not really my thing...I'll most likely wait for it to come to DVD unless they show it as one of our local Drive-In bundle movies. They usually play 3 movies every Fri, Sat & Sun night. I am going to see "Hangover 2" tonight though & I'm excited about that :) I hope its as funny as the first one.

  3. Not really a pirates person either--in fact-I have never seen any of them.
    But--I did see Bridesmaids tonight and it is laugh out loud funny.
    Kristen Wiig is very good as a best friend being upstaged by a new best friend.
    And Megan-sister of the groom---almost steals the movie--

    I was hoping to see a OFTM trailer- but alas--disappointed again.

  4. Greetings from Texas,
    Havn't seen Pirats yet, but I'm guessing it would be like when they made the third Mummy movie. They messed with a winning combination to the point that I had no desire to watch it a second time. I have the first two on well used DVD's.

    What were they smoking to think they could replace Evie? They would have been better severed to kill her off.

  5. It was a lot better than the third one which was awful - similar to the second, but nowhere near as good as the first which was an excellent movie.