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Monday, May 9, 2011

There's a new Stephanie Plum T-Shirt!!

Hey guys, I was talking to my neighbor, and she has posted a new Morelli T-shirt for all you Morelli chicks out there. The blue on this T-shirt is a really cool metallic blue! This awesome T-shirt starts out at only $16.00.

Go check it out! http://fictionaddictions.com/stephanie-plum-morellis-cupcake-shirt-p-287.html

I'll keep you posted if she ends up posting any others. :)


  1. Aw, I don't really like him but I love this shirt! So cute. :)

  2. I like him!
    But I still wish the shirts were V necks--

  3. Sorry, IHJ...no V necks. :(

    Thanks Jessica, I thought it was pretty cute myself!

    I know my neighbor is really busy right now with her other stuff, but I'd really be excited to see a couple of other shirts come out with the slogans we had been toying with. These are so great!

  4. I love my two shirts & get lots of comments when I wear them :) Thanks Fiction Addiction!

    By the way girls...Guess who is going to the June 21st 'Smokin' Seventeen' book signing in New Jersey?!?!?! ME!!!!! Yay, I'm soooo excited to meet Janet =D

    Hey, S.O. Is it ok if I tell her about my favorite Blog dedicated to her characters???

  5. Hey Redz,

    Hell ya, tell away. I would be so tickled if Janet took a look at my blog. So jealous you get to meet Janet! I wish she was doing a book signing close to my area!! :(

  6. I have that shirt! Mainly because I won the idea contest and got it for free!!! My mom is a Morelli fan, so I gave it to her (those who remember me from previous posts know I'm all Ranger... all the time, LOL) and she nearly freaked out about it... seriously, she squealed like a teeny bopper would seeing Justin Beiber.

    FYI, I sent Janet an email on her site about your Obsession Page a while back. It takes her people a long time to get back to you though. I was trying to show you some love!


  7. Awwwwww thanks for the love, Heidi!! I'm so glad your mom liked the shirt so much! That's awesome to hear that people are as obsessed with these books and their characters as I am.

  8. I am so thrilled that I found this post, You look amazing! Welcome back!

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