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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another Movie to Tie Me Over Until OFTM Release

Unfortunately, we still don't have any "OFTM" news, and this seems to be turning into a "my favorite things" fansite. I apologize for that and as soon as we have some OFTM news, I will faithfully go back to blogging about all things Plum. For now, I have another movie to look forward to before our beloved Stephanie Plum movie comes out.

Yes, I am a Twihard!!! Loved the books, dig the movies....and Bill Condon looks like he is going to rock these last two films of the series. I'm very impressed on the quality of the first trailer of "Breaking Dawn," part one of the last book.

If the trailer doesn't embed...here is the link to watch this fantastic trailer. Going to be a busy winter, folks!!


Also, a special thanks to Heidi for bringing this trailer to my attention. I have been uber busy at work and haven't been paying attention especially with what has been going on with this series. Lovin' me some bed breaking action ...Rawr!!! There is also a promise of plentty of feathers, ladies!!! (*Squee!!*) LOL Can't wait!!

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  1. Your Welcome! (countdown 13 days left til 17 is released!!!)

  2. That was me by the way, LOL


  3. It's getting really frustrating waiting to find out a firm date for OFTM. Not that we'll get it here in Australia. We never got Country Strong...Arghhhhh!
    Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next Twilight installment. It's great to have something to look forward too. Will keep checking in here.

  4. Janet just posted that there will be 2!!!! Plum novels this year!!!!! Tuesday and Novemeber 22!

  5. TWO Plums in 2011!

    On November 22 EXPLOSIVE EIGHTEEN will be in stores. It's going to be double the fun this year!

    something to get us to the pain of the movie being late

  6. I am getting my smokin seventeen book today i live in the netherlands and have ordered it at amazon UK .

    So i can start reading it by the end of the day :)

    greetz laura

  7. That is awesome news girls!! *bouncing in chair* Two Stephanie Plum novels this year does kind of lessin the sting of "No movie til 2012". Thanks for the update!

    Only 4 days til the book is released & I get to meet Janet at the Book signing in Jersey. I am beyond excited :D


  8. I've got it!
    I'm reading it!


  9. Redzsm--

    What area are you from??
    I'm in Jersey too--
    Or have we had this conversation? I can't remember a dang thing!

  10. IheartJason-I'm from Baltimore, Md. I don't remember you telling me that before. I wish I had of known though, I would have invited you to our "Line Party"!! I was so much fun!! You'll have to send me your email so we can hook up next time :)

  11. Michelle ClementJune 22, 2011 at 5:48 PM

    I LOVED Smokin Seventeen!! Everytime i think about Steph and Ranger in the Porsche i die laughing! I can not wait until November!