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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Lovely SO Reader Iheartjason Gets a Nod from Jason O'Mara

One of our own incredible SO readers has been a bit busy lately writing a blog for the one and only Jason O'Mara. Iheartjason's article was the first blog to have graced Jason O'Mara's new website. Iheartjason was gracious enough to let me post this awesome blog on my site. 

"Like all of you here, I am a fan of Jason O’Mara.

When I heard about the US version of Life on Mars I was so excited. Jason/time-travel-1973 NY—what’s not to love. Got onto the ABC LoM site and was having a blast talking theory with other fans about the show.

Then ABC cancelled Life on Mars-I am embarrassed to admit that the day I heard this I was so upset in work, people were asking me what was wrong. It wasn’t just that a show I absolutely loved was gone but that I would not have the “friends” I had been talking to for months.

Heard that a fan of the show had started his own site-which we fondly referred to as The 125. So off we went to our new home. We have so much fun there. And it turned into more than just a fan site—it became the place you went when you needed a laugh, when you needed comforting, when you needed advice.

So as the months went by someone said we should get together. Our first meeting place was Mars, PA. Loved the name—not sure what there was to do there. Then someone suggested—-NYC! Perfect! Now the real planning started-Date for the party—October 9th-the anniversary of the show’s premiere-check. Venue for a 70′s party-check. Hotels for a long weekend-check. Plans to find filming sites-check.

Off we all went to meet for the weekend. Coming from places all over the US. Met at hotels-then off to Tortilla Flats in the Village for dinner. Next day—walking tours where we found many sites used in the show. Saturday night-70’s party and Sunday-walk into Brooklyn to find the 125!

Even though my family was afraid that I would be murdered by the strange people I was going to meet that weekend it was like greeting old friends. No awkwardness, no gaps in conversation. These were people I knew! These were people I had laughed and cried with.

One of the best weekends of my life! I raved about it so much for months that the next year my husband came with me to our 2nd gathering. There is so much more to tell—but save that story for another time.

And that is how Fabal1, Leah77, Carlingsgrl, Leonessee56, Rocketgirl, HazyCosmicJive, Lillielue, Chrissilou, Hyde_35, Mary51122, DavidWhiteShoes, Irisheyes404, JakeBlue, SRS-LoM, Zagar, No Nuts Norris, BronxGirl, EpsilonProcess, CamberwickBlue, TV’sGrady,Sam Tyler, Cindy53 and Cindy became Leah, Jamie, Darell, Frank, Jen, Regina, Terri, Chris, Mary, David, Maureen, Ant, Yvonne, Joe, Sue, Larah, Jeff, Cindy, Cindy, Randy and Ian and became my friends forever. And Jason of course!"

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Iheartjason....You are one LUCKY chick!!!!! ;) I'm so happy for you!! Great job and very well written. I think it's so cool that you all got together and toured the hot spots!!! What a wonderful idea!!

Check out Iheartjason's blog and more at http://jasonomara.com/blog/how-jason-and-a-tv-show-changed-my-life/ and hugs to you, my friend!!


  1. Thats awesome girl!! I'm so excited that he put your blog on his fan site. I know you were bouncin' in your chair!! Im off to check out your blog now. Congrats :)


  2. Thanks SO and Redzsm!!

    I am beyond thrilled that I was asked to write something for Jason's site--and that it was the 1st one!!!
    Cannot wait for his new show but really can't wait for OFTM. And he's going to promote the heck out of it --it's gonna be great!!!