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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

First Look at "Explosive Eighteen"

With "Smokin' Seventeen" hot off the presses...we have another book to look forward to all in one year. Due out November 22, 2011, is the eighteenth installment of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum Series, "Explosive Eighteen." Here's a sneak peek at the new cover.

What do you think? I think it's the best cover yet!  Anything that ties me over until January 27, 2012, is great news to me!!  Lookin' forward to it!


  1. Greetings from Texas,
    The cover looks great, and I have 11/22/2011 on the calendar. I wonder what when Diesel is comming back?

    Like you say, this will help us get through to January.

  2. Hey Arthur,

    So excited for 2 books in 1 year!! Yay!!

    From what I understand from some of her interviews, and I could be completely in left field with this, I understood that they weren't going to have any between the number books or books with Diesel and Stephanie in them anymore. She decided to give Deisel a book series of his own, and that is the Wicked Appetite series.

    Again, that's just what I understand....and frankly...that's not much....hahaha

  3. Oh yeah, I'm also patiently waiting for the book Explosive Eighteen in Nov!!!

  4. Looking forward to 18--

    And I would love a new Diesel story, I absolutely loved Wicked Appetites.
    Really like Diesel and Lizzy!

  5. The new cover is great! I love all of the plum covers, they are so festive & look so nice on my shelves. Very excited for Explosive 18 in November.

    **By the way, I have two extra magnets that Janets people gave me at the book 17 signing**

    They read:

    Janet Evanovich
    Its gonna be dynamite!

    If anyone wants one, email me & let me know. I'll mail one to you. I have 2 extras.


  6. Got ur email S.O., I was unable to reply to that address but I wanted you to know that I received it. I'll drop it in the mail on Monday. ((Hugs))

    ** I have one magnet left if anyone wants it **

  7. I can't wait for Janet Evanovich - Explosive Eighteen to come out - November can't come quickly enough!