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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm Baaaack!!

Hey guys,

I've been out of town for a week, and didn't get to grab my copy of "Smokin' Seventeen" yet.  :(  I just got back in town jet-lagged, sun drenched, and water-logged, and I will be eagerly picking my copy up today after I make up some of my piling work for the week!!  Can't wait for my fix!!

Looks like a lot of you have already picked up your copy and finished it already. That's an awesome sign!  Please feel free to leave your thoughts, comments, high-pitched screams in the comments below.  I wan't to hear what you thought!!

Happy reading, ladies and gents!!



  1. I loved it, as I did all of the others. I wasn't sure if I was going to buy the book or get it on my Nook. Then I was strolling through Wal-mart and saw it with a little sticker on the cover that said "stickers included". What?? I had to check this out, sure enough, there are two stickers in the back, so you can choose, I love Morelli or I love Ranger. I bought the book. But I still can't choose!

  2. I actually liked this one more than the last few, of course there are obvious reasons I'm not going to give away here in case someone hasn't read it yet (one word "vordo"... swoon). I heard that they are releasing two books this year in stead of just the one, I say bring it on! I'm already ready for another one!


  3. Lol Heidi!

    Probably not a good thing for me with all the posting I do on Jason's FB site! :)
    I liked the book--and even though I am a Morelli girl I love that-- SPOILER--Steph hooked up with Ranger.
    I swear--how many crazy guys can one girl have after her??
    Looking forward to Explosive Eighteen in November. It will get us over the last hurtle till our January release-

  4. Ok girls, I concur...Love the VORDO!!! Smokin' Seventeen was awesome! I really enjoyed it. I wish I would have read it slower though, I always regret reading them so fast afterwards. O well, at least we get a second book in November :)

    S.O. - I wanted you to know that I showed Janet (and a bunch of people in line at the signing) your blog. They thought it was great. And I received sooooo many compliments on the Fiction Addiction shirts me & my BFF wore. Janets people even took a picyure of us & said it may end up on the website. *squee* The signing was so much fun. Janet had snacks & beverages served (all named after her Plum characters), she gave out goodies & had a contest. It was a total blast! And I made some new friends, I will def be doing it again. Wish you lived closer.

  5. Awww....Thanks Redzsm...That's so great!! I will definitely be looking on Janet's site for your pictures!! That's awesome!!! I wish I lived closer too! That would have been a blast!!!