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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Finally!!! After all this time, "One for the Money" is being made into a movie!! According to The Movie Insider, "One for the Money" started filming in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas on July 15, 2010. Although I am ecstatic that they are finally bringing my favorite book series to the big screen, the news is bittersweet. 

Katherine Heigl on the set as Stephanie Plum
Some of the casting for the movie has been announced placing Katherine Heigl, above, as the heroine, Stephanie Plum.  I personally like Katherine Heigl's movies, and while she is no Sandra Bullock or Marisa Tomei, (my top picks for the movie role) they sadly are getting too old for the part. I think that Katherine's comedic talent could pull off the stubborn, clumsy, jersey girl role, and I'm quite interested to see how she does with this character. I'm crossing my fingers that she nails the part.

Katherine Heigl on the set of "One for the Money."
Joe Morelli and Ranger have also been cast according to IMDB.   The sexy former cop on the run will be played by Jason O'Mara, an Irish born actor, which I think is totally wrong for the part. Joe is supposed to be an irresistible, full bred Italian slab of eye candy, and although O'Mara seems like a handsome guy, he just doesn't seem to fit the bill in my mind. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Jason O'Mara as Joe Morelli
Ranger will be played by Daniel Sunjata, also a very handsome man, but not what I envisioned as the uber bad-ass bounty hunter, Ranger.  Yet again, we are going to have to wait and see if he can bring the mysterious, all-business deliciousness that is Ranger.
Daniel Sunjata as Ranger

Another all important role, especially if they decide to make more movies out of the book series, is Lula. Sherri Shepherd has been cast as the full-figured, loose-lipped ho Stephanie questions to get a lead on finding Joe Morelli. Although I think that physically she fits the part, I have never seen her act, so I'm undecided about the pick.  I saw Mo'Nique as Lula the whole time I was reading the books, and that actress has kind of stuck with me.

More after the break.

Other roles that are rumored to have been cast are:

Patrick Fischler as Vincent Plum

John Lequizamo as Jimmy Alpha
Ana Reeder as Connie
Cristina Aloe as Connie
( I  have conflicting reports)
Ryan Michelle Bathe as Jackie the Ho
Jack Erdie as Flat-Nosed Louis

I'm very interested to see who they cast as Grandma Mazur, Ramirez, Tank, and Stephanie's parents. Who do you see in those roles? What do you think of the cast so far?

This movie will be filmed from mid July to early September according to The Movie Insider, and it is set to be released some time in 2011.  Even with the cast not really what I envisioned, I am still excited to see this book come to life! Who knows....I may be pleasantly surprised!

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