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Monday, January 3, 2011

"Smokin Seventeen" Info

Happy New Year everyone!!!

We have a publication date for the new Evanovich book coming out, "Smoking Seventeen." This will be June 21, 2011. Below is a little excerpt from the publisher's catalog on what the seventeenth book is going to be about.
"Where there's smoke there's fire, and no one knows this better than New Jersey bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum. The bail bonds office has burned to the ground, and bodies are turning up in the empty construction lot. To make matters worse, Stephanie is working out of a motor home she shares with a dancing bear, and Joe Morelli's old world grandmother has declared a vendetta against her. And just when Stephanie decides it might be time to choose between the two men in her life, Morelli and Ranger, a third man from Stephanie's past moves back to Trenton...Break out a cold drink and slap on some sunscreen, this summer is sure to be a scorcher with Smokin' Seventeen."
Interesting huh? I wonder what the dancing bear is all about. LOL! Wondering who is the new man in Stephanie's life that comes back to Trenton. I didn't think they were going to continue putting Diesel in the Stephanie Plum books now that he had his own series, so I'm wondering who this could be?  Any guesses??

Can't wait for June or July this year!! I'll be in Plum heaven!


  1. OMG thank you so much i'm a bit sad because of the new character i was so hoping for the ranger ending. I think that some how joe is not good enough for her because of the breaking up parts and he does not appreciate Stephs job and friends

  2. Ya, I was disappointed to hear about a new guy too! Seems too confusing to add another character when Steph has some droolable, sexy, strong man candy arlready to choose from. I am of the undecided when it comes to whom Steph should chose, but I agree that Joe is a little fickle about Stephanie's life. I still wouldn't complain if he jumped into my bed though. Not one little bit. It just might be a little awkward with my husband sleeping next to me. :>

  3. Also not happy about another man interest in Steph's life. Was hoping she might start up a detective agency and use her skills without being put in harm's way. Then she and Joe would marry and start a family. Ranger just is not the type to marry and settle down. Lot's of the characters could still be involved in helping her solve "interesting" cases.

  4. I agree Ranger is not the marrying, settling down type, but I'm also not sure that is what Stephanie wants to do since she has had the chance many times to quit her job and settle down with the Italian Stallion, Joe Morelli, who is no one to shake a stick at by any means. I don't know if I'd want Steph to settle down and be out of harms way. Those apprehensions and the crazy predicaments that she gets herself into seems to make the book and is what makes it so interesting and LOL halarious to me. To me, Stephanie is one of those people that has a perverse attraction to a little danger and also an infallable stubborn side that no one is going to tell her what to do or how to live. I think that Ranger fulfills that side of her - a delicious dose of a little danger and on the other hand letting her be who she wants to be - Inevitably coming to her rescue every time she sows her wild oats. On the other hand, the hot, extremely talented Joe, provides that safe haven, that other side of Steph that wants to eat pizza, drink beer, and veg on the couch watching a football game...only to be whisked away to the bedroom for some one on one action. *sigh*
    Yep...I'm still of the undecided....Can't pick between these two irresistable characters. I just don't know if adding another testosterone filled man to the mix will completely confuse things even more. I for one would like to see Ranger and Joe duke it out over Steph just once...nothing serious....just to turn up the heat a little...That would be a very, veeeeery interesting read! :)

  5. I can only agree with you.
    I'm also not sure that it's good to add another man to Steph's life because the two she got are already enough.
    I'm so excited who she's about to choose until the new character comes in.
    I for one would prefer Ranger. I mean.. yes, Morelli is hot and he's funny and Italian, but.. come on! Ranger! :D
    I absolutely love his charm, his power, his reputation as a hard guy and yes, of course he has money. AND he has style.
    Okay, I could go on like that but it wouldn't lead to anything except annoying you.
    So I'm excited too and I really hope that she'll choose Ranger or at least make a step in his way so that there are many many reasons to write more books.

    And I can only agree with "Stephanie's Obession" that it would be interesting to see Ranger and Joe duke it out over Stephanie.
    And that Ranger's not the settle-down type but that that's what makes him who he is. He doesn't want to change Steph he just wants to protect her and he wants her to live her life like she does. And maybe one day he'll want more and he won't stop at saying "you owe me". ;)

    PS: Excuse my bad writing, I'm from Germany and still learnin'. :P